Alice Wayne Gets Double-Dipped & Double-Nutted

Mr. Fix-it and Mr. Fuck-it are hard at work renovating Alice Wayne’s bathroom. Alice comes in, not to supervise but to check out their packages. Alice’s pacing, her big tits jiggling, gets them even harder at work. The boys are almost done but it looks like there’s going to be some overtime and some more pipe-fitting.
Alice made herself up extra beautiful. She’s got something she wants to get off her chest. Her dress. The guys approve and help her out of it. It was too baggy anyway and covered up her shapely body.
Each man takes a big breast to suck, prompting Alice to kneel and take turns lustfully sucking on their dicks. They spit-roast Alice, one man (Tom) behind her plugging her pussy, the other man (Steve) feeding her sausage. She pulls his cock out of her mouth to yank it and stick it between her tits. With Steve’s dick in her mouth, Alice makes sexy noises, giving him a hummer.
Alice’s two handymen place her on the floor and take turns banging her and getting sucked.…

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