Bombshell Katie Thornton in sexy dress on pool table

Some body English is always good for a guy and when the body English is done by a beauty with an English body, it’s even better. World-traveler Katie Thornton racks ’em up on SCORE‘s pool table, right on cue. She truly knows how to handle a stick. No beauty contest ever boasted a girl with a face, tits, legs and ass like Katie has. “I get most of my bras from Ann Summers because they don’t fit from anywhere else,” said Katie, a girl with a treasure chest. Ann Summers is a British chain of sexy clothes, lingerie, toys and bondage gear. No wonder it’s one of Katie’s favorite stores. She’s big on bondage and getting restrained, although she doesn’t look it. When our photo crew takes Katie out for the day, she naturally turns heads, both male and female. She’s one of those girls who’s bigger-than-life.

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