Elle Flynn’s big bells

Elle Flynn has a pair of handcuffs and a paddle. You can use them on her or she can use them on you, if that’s your thing. If kink doesn’t float your boat, go the straight-on way and fuck her sucking mouth, big tits and pink pussy-hole. Elle loves riding the cowgirl way..way before she became a Love Ranch filly. Elle described some of her favorite things. “Good kissing and neck biting always sends me to the moon. I like to be manhandled sometimes. Nothing too rough. A nice spanking is lots of fun.” What’s the best compliment Elle ever got and what’s not so memorable? “The best is a toss-up between my firm handshake, smile and ‘Helga unt Olga.’ Those are my boobs named by this hippie chick I used to know. She was kinda sexy in spite of the long underarm hair. 

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