Leanne Crow outdoor fetish

Leanne Crow looks to us like a girl who’s always getting attention paid to her sexy face and fantastic tits, but here the cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews spotlight two of her other fetching features, her feet!
Leanne’s legs are well-complemented by thigh-highs with intricate lace tops, and her feet are showcased in strappy gold high-heeled sandals that would look nice on the Queen of Sheba herself! Leanne poses her feet in and out of the sandals, showing off her French pedicure through the sheer nylon. Enormous closeups capture her peds in crystal clear detail, and you can see how long her toenails are from underneath, both through her stockings and out of them. Leanne presses her left foot, still in the nylon, against her right bare foot. Wouldn’t you love to feel her scratching those nails against your nut sack? Leanne looks like she’s up for it, giving us sultry smiles as she stretches her nylons across her tits before she sticks her bare feet in our faces. Finally she replaces her sandals and poses teasingly before us, playing peekaboo with a hand over her pussy before our eyes are directed down, down, down to her nude pedicured tootsies.

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