Natasha Sweet in purple lingerie masturbates in bed

Natasha Sweet is not the kind of woman who is hurting for male companionship any time she wants. However, there are those rare (extremely rare) times when she’s alone at home and horny and wants to have an orgasm. So we asked Natasha to show us what she does. Here’s a hottie with a pair of fantastic tits, and she’s always loved playing with them and getting them played with by a guy or guys. There’s a whole lotta nipple sucking in this scene because Natasha said she has very sensitive nipples and any kind of nipple stimulation gets her toes tingling. She uses fingers and a toy to pleasure her pussy. When Natasha was asked what she thinks about when she’s doing herself, she said she thinks about the different sexual experiences she’s had including some of the videos she’s made.

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  1. S.M. says:

    Natasha,second ever fantasy SCORE model to ever come from Moldova(Venera first).She has a decent looking face,sexy kissable pouty b.j. lips,full floppers that dangle.Although listed as G-cups,she looks bigger.Also,she’s got an underrated nice smooth looking pussy to top it off.

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