Oily Maserati in different small bikinis


A bare background, a chair, a bottle of oil, a few bikinis and Maserati. All you need. Models really pop against a seamless background, allowing you to inspect their bods without distractions, and when Maserati oils up and pops, look out! From the top of her head to the tips of her toes, she’s the epitome of voluptuosity and stackitude. “Maserati is an incredible looking woman,” comments Jimbo. “She has a pretty face, a amazingly shapely body and unbelievable tits to top it all off.” Agreed, Jimbo. It’s hard to believe that Maserati only learned to masturbate over a year ago when a friend bought her a vibrator. And like we mentioned last time, it seems hard to believe, although we believe her, that she’s turned on by guys who play hard to get or even ignore her. Who would not be riveted to every square inch of Maserati if he was within 20 feet of her? She’s an erection magnet. There’s one more thing we have to say about Maserati. We’ve read her model sheet and she has truly excellent cursive penmanship. oily-maserati-in-different-small-bikinis02 oily-maserati-in-different-small-bikinis03 oily-maserati-in-different-small-bikinis04 oily-maserati-in-different-small-bikinis05 oily-maserati-in-different-small-bikinis06 oily-maserati-in-different-small-bikinis07 oily-maserati-in-different-small-bikinis08 oily-maserati-in-different-small-bikinis09 oily-maserati-in-different-small-bikinis10 oily-maserati-in-different-small-bikinis11 oily-maserati-in-different-small-bikinis12 oily-maserati-in-different-small-bikinis13 oily-maserati-in-different-small-bikinis14 oily-maserati-in-different-small-bikinis15 oily-maserati-in-different-small-bikinis16 oily-maserati-in-different-small-bikinis

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