Sarenna Lee having a blast in the office


Since this pictorial was shot for the January 1995 edition of SCORE, an estimated one million cubic centimeters of manglaze have been launched into the atmosphere. When these pics were taken, SaRenna was living in Houston, Texas, 23 years-old, already a mega tit star, and working as a special assistant to NASA’s Moonsplooge Project, a once-secret study designed to determine whether male sperm would maintain its consistency in outer space. SaRenna trained astronauts to jack in weightless conditions. We’re proud to say Miss Lee did her boob and booty duty to help our spacemen launch their rockets. These candid photos re-create these historic moments at the Houston Space Center, where balls blasted off as SaRenna said, “We have ignition.” Have a blast, men. Make her proud.  sarenna-lee-having-a-blast-in-the-office03 sarenna-lee-having-a-blast-in-the-office04 sarenna-lee-having-a-blast-in-the-office05 sarenna-lee-having-a-blast-in-the-office08 sarenna-lee-having-a-blast-in-the-office09 sarenna-lee-having-a-blast-in-the-office10 sarenna-lee-having-a-blast-in-the-office12 sarenna-lee-having-a-blast-in-the-office16 sarenna-lee-having-a-blast-in-the-office17 sarenna-lee-having-a-blast-in-the-office18 sarenna-lee-having-a-blast-in-the-office29 sarenna-lee-having-a-blast-in-the-office39 sarenna-lee-having-a-blast-in-the-office40 sarenna-lee-having-a-blast-in-the-office42 sarenna-lee-having-a-blast-in-the-office54

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