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Cup size: 36HH
Birthdate: August 7, 1978
Biography: Beautiful Linsey Mckenzie grew up right before our eyes at Scoreland and her own site Linsey’s World. From her 18th birthday to today, Linsey is still a major turn on to my surfers who loved it when she FINALLY went hardcore but know she can still make them blow hard all on her own with her big natural tits.

I’ve got to admit that Linsey is one of the models that I actually like on a personal level. I’ve been looking at pictures of her for years and heard rumours about how down to earth, smart and decent she is. Some of these stars are real diva bitches (Chloe, Minka for example) but Linsey isn’t one of those.

Linsey was born in Harrow, England and began modeling topless at 15 which was published when she was 16 in a UK newspaper, The Daily Sport. She was briefly married to Terry Canty who was the guy in Ultimate Linsey. Up to that point she had a tattoo on her arm that said Mum but her mother disapproved of her going hardcore so she had it altered to a zodiac sign. Linsey’s stepsister is porn starlet Sophie Dee.

In 2006, she married ex-footballer Mark Williams a year after their son was born. In early 2006, Linsey had her gorgeous breasts reduced from HHH cup to a DD. She said she loves her body now and was beginning to resent her boobs when they grew to from HH to HHH’s. She said she’s completely happy just being a mother now. Sounds like she has retired or at least is taking a break. I hope it’s just a break but she won’t be the same without her HH’s.

In 2011, Linsey reported her breasts have continued growing and she has now reached an FF cup. Her official site since the reduction is LinseyDawnMcKenzie.co.uk”.

Her official site is LinseysWorld.com