Throwback Thursday with Via Paxton On The Beach

In May, 2000, Via Paxton went to the tourist city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Super-busty porn star Lovette and dancer Ariana also arrived from America but at different times so all three were never together on the same day. “This particular layout was done at Punta Mita,” Peter said. “This was an isolated beach not too far from our resort so we could go full blast on the skin, thank god. “Via just can’t stop smiling, not that I was complaining. She’s just so happy to be here in Mexico. Okay, I know you’re not looking too long at her smile. I love the way her breasts hang, too. I’ve met so many girls looking for the right models for SCORE and Voluptuous magazines, and it’s more difficult than anyone really knows. “Finding someone with huge, huge boobs and a pretty face and a great attitude to posing nude..a girl who’s going to blow away a die hard boob lover who’s looked at thousands of pictures, well, it’s tough.

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