Titans of Scoreland


Six of the world’s biggest-breasted stars, Casey James, Kayla Kleevage, Maxi Mounds, Minka, Plenty UpTopp and SaRenna Lee, came to the east coast of Florida for a big-bust challenge of epic dimensions, The Mega-Boob Olympics. Their games of boob competition included Twister, the Big Tit Oil-down, Hooter Hula-Hoop, The Dildo Race, The Strap-on Ring Toss and The Nipple Erection Contest. In between games, the girls shower, swim, get-off with fingers and toys and do what mega-boobed ladies do when they live in a beach house hideaway for a week. In Part One, Casey has a wet T-shirt shower and Kayla fucks her nipples and pussy with a big toy. A best-selling DVD year after year, The Mega-Boob Olympics has been reformatted for this SCORELAND presentation. “A Big Tit Lover’s Dream!” wrote one reviewer. Another wrote, “For connoisseurs of gorgeous females with astoundingly imposing pectoral projections, this title is truly one of the most magnificently made of its kind.” “This big boob smorgasbord, for those of you into math figures as well, has six lovely ladies who combined have an upper measurement of 296 inches of mammary madness. This averages out to just a speck under 50 inches per gal, with the largest being 58. I suspect that Omar the Tent Maker took early retirement after making their costumes.”- Adult Video News magazine. grouptitans01 grouptitans03 grouptitans04 grouptitans08 grouptitans35 grouptitans16 grouptitans17 grouptitans18 grouptitans19 grouptitans20 grouptitans22 grouptitans21grouptitans24 grouptitans25 grouptitans26 grouptitans27 grouptitans28 grouptitans29 grouptitans30 grouptitans31 grouptitans32 grouptitans13 grouptitans14 grouptitans12 grouptitans33 grouptitans36

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