Alaura Grey is the queen of M-Cups

Few women in the world can pack a hooter-holster like Alaura Grey. “I like black bras,” Alaura said. “I order them from overseas. I haven’t been able to buy a bra off the rack since I was 14. I always wear a bra unless I’m at home. I feel naked without one.” Alaura does get naked, and she’s looking as great as always in this scene, licking and kissing her nipples and rubbing her shaved pussy, slipping a finger in. We envy the guys who slid their schlongs between Alaura’s huge tits. Alaura’s beautiful face and approachable personality have also contributed to her immense popularity. A lot of readers and members consider her one of the greatest of all XL Girls. She’s a former Hooters Girl and said she had a lot of fun working for the breasturant.

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  1. Mike Hunt says:

    Somebody get this milkmaid pregnant already.

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