Angela White in a red dress at the pier


Angela White is all that. The Uni student combining beauty, boobs and brains in one lovely package is a frequent contributor to the SCORELAND BLOG with very interesting and lively commentaries. She loves breasts just as much as you do, keeps a keen eye on the comings and goings in this busty world and stays in touch with one of her idols and inspirations, Lorna Morgan. As you know, Angela and Lorna met in the Bahamas during the SCORE event On Location Eleuthera. They were roommates that week too. “She’s such a good snuggler!” Angela said. “Since I am such a fan of the big-breasted girls, I was as excited as a kid at Christmas to be invited.” In fact, if there is someone who is Angela’s career role model to a great extent, that babe is Lorna, who continues to model while raising her family. We have the feeling that Angela will want to continue to model once she graduates from university and starts a career in her chosen field. Her many fans ’round the globe sure hope she does. Don’t forget, she was #10 on the list of the Top 100 SCORELAND Girls of the Decade. angela-white-in-a-red-dress-at-the-pier02 angela-white-in-a-red-dress-at-the-pier03 angela-white-in-a-red-dress-at-the-pier04 angela-white-in-a-red-dress-at-the-pier05 angela-white-in-a-red-dress-at-the-pier06 angela-white-in-a-red-dress-at-the-pier07 angela-white-in-a-red-dress-at-the-pier08 angela-white-in-a-red-dress-at-the-pier09 angela-white-in-a-red-dress-at-the-pier10 angela-white-in-a-red-dress-at-the-pier11 angela-white-in-a-red-dress-at-the-pier12 angela-white-in-a-red-dress-at-the-pier13 angela-white-in-a-red-dress-at-the-pier14 angela-white-in-a-red-dress-at-the-pier15 angela-white-in-a-red-dress-at-the-pier16

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