Gianna Michaels fucked by a black stud


Gianna and her HUGE tits are a black man’s best friend. Just ask Brian Pumper. To any black man with a black monster cock, a chicks tits need to be at least a size D in order for his cock to slide between them. Anything smaller, well it just wouldn’t work. But Pumper does a great job working Gianna in this scene. And we can’t forget about Gianna, who is the one taking the 11″ of black dick. Kudos to you Gianna!  gianna-michaels-fucked-by-a-black-stud02 gianna-michaels-fucked-by-a-black-stud04 gianna-michaels-fucked-by-a-black-stud06 gianna-michaels-fucked-by-a-black-stud08 gianna-michaels-fucked-by-a-black-stud10 gianna-michaels-fucked-by-a-black-stud12 gianna-michaels-fucked-by-a-black-stud14 gianna-michaels-fucked-by-a-black-stud18 gianna-michaels-fucked-by-a-black-stud20 gianna-michaels-fucked-by-a-black-stud22 gianna-michaels-fucked-by-a-black-stud24 gianna-michaels-fucked-by-a-black-stud26 gianna-michaels-fucked-by-a-black-stud27 gianna-michaels-fucked-by-a-black-stud28 gianna-michaels-fucked-by-a-black-stud30
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