Ariane Saint-Amour sweater stretcher

Ariane Saint-Amour is a very well-known fetish model and cosplayer from Montreal. Dressing up as different pop-cultural characters or wearing Latex body suits complete with masks is her thing. Ariane often attends fetish expos. There’s no way you can miss her. “I love to watch my man with another girl,” said Ariane in her seductive accented-English. “I love Latex, I love anonymous action and, of course, clowns.” While SCORE magazine has always had a healthy circulation in Canada, Ariane learned about it on the web while researching her first augmentation. Her big tits now need 30J bras. “These puppies don’t need a bra!” “I usually like to wear tight stuff, like a tank top or a V-line shaped dress. Who wouldn’t glance at these glorious boobs! You can stare as much as you want but inviting me for a drink won’t work unless you have a good amount of boobs yourself.”
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  1. Telzzz says:

    I love her body that’s for sure but the piecing’s on her lips are horrible imo. She would be so much more attractive facially without them. Her pussy looks tasty tho.

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