Katie Thornton squeezing and sucking her nipples

Decked out in a bullet bra, stockings, garters and heels, the old-school men’s magazine look that never gets old, Katie Thornton checks out the passing boaters as she stands on the terrace of our Miami pad. Too bad those passing speedboaters are going too fast to see the sight of one of England’s sexiest babes, a girl of almost unearthly beauty. There’s just one thing different about that bra supporting Katie’s big tits. There are holes cut in the cups. Why’s that? So Katie’s nipples can poke through and she can try out two little toys, miniature breast pumps that elongate the nipples. All Katie has to do is place the pump on the nipple, twist the handle and a suction is created that pulls the nipple. No bulbs or handles to squeeze. The suction on Katie’s pointers have her moaning with pleasure right away. “My nipples are very sensitive,” Katie said last year. “The slightest touch just gives me tingles.” When Danniella Levy played with Katie’s nipples and boobs, you could see how much Katie enjoyed having her nipples rubbed and licked.

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  1. Telzzz says:

    Katie Thornton really needs a good seeing too. Not my usual type of girl but there’s something so sexy about her!

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