Avalon Fey’s sexy yoga workout

There is a beautiful, busty Faery Princess with the look of the girl-next-door. She lives in an enchanted castle called Avalon World high in the clouds of, fittingly, Queensland, Australia. She loves nature walks, swimming and yoga. Avalon Fey is a bubbly, buoyant and cheerful ginger. She doesn’t see the glass as full. She sees it as overflowing, like her bras.

We asked Avalon to show us her yoga workout, which she did at her magical hideaway. Her yoga outfit came off piece by piece during her stretchy and bendy moves, and although it’s not in the yoga study guide, after her workout, Avalon played with her pretty pussy using her fingers and her magic stick until she cried out and squirted right into the camera. Watching her was a bewitching experience. Watch Full Scene at Scoreland

Watch Full Scene at Scoreland

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