Bambi Blacks bra-buster bimbo


Is Bambi Blacks the dirtiest bra-buster ever to get her tits out at SCORELAND? She has one of the filthiest mouths and her nasty comments are non-stop when she’s squeezing her big boobs and cramming her slit with her fingers as we watch. Next for Bambi is a hardcore fuck that ends with her most-favorite thing, a creampie filling in her pussy-hole. “I have to fuck twice a day every day,” Bambi said. “I love multiple orgasms, cumming over and over. If you like freaky Barbie dolls, I am your girl. Guys love to see me dress like a whore in tight outfits and freaky high heels and dressing like that is part of me and makes me feel sluttier.” “Do I have any special talents? Sure!” Bambi said. “Making men fall in love with me by showing off my boobs.” “Nothing is subtle about this British babe’s sexuality,” wrote SCORE editor Dave in the February 2017 edition.  bambi-blacks-bra-buster-bimbo02 bambi-blacks-bra-buster-bimbo03 bambi-blacks-bra-buster-bimbo04 bambi-blacks-bra-buster-bimbo05 bambi-blacks-bra-buster-bimbo06 bambi-blacks-bra-buster-bimbo07 bambi-blacks-bra-buster-bimbo08 bambi-blacks-bra-buster-bimbo09 bambi-blacks-bra-buster-bimbo10 bambi-blacks-bra-buster-bimbo11 bambi-blacks-bra-buster-bimbo12 bambi-blacks-bra-buster-bimbo13 bambi-blacks-bra-buster-bimbo14 bambi-blacks-bra-buster-bimbo15 bambi-blacks-bra-buster-bimbo16 bambi-blacks-bra-buster-bimbo

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