Big breasted girl Kitty Cute naked on a swing

Kitty Cute was curious about a round, suspended chair made of clear plastic that could swing. She wanted to do a photo shoot with it. Our photographer let her swing as long as she wanted. A girl with a bold, fuck-me gaze who knows how to dress the way guys want to see big-boobed girls dress, Kitty picked out a pair of tight shorts and a see-through blouse over a bra for this pictorial. And heels. Kitty loves to wear high heels as much as possible. “I am a very shy person. You may not think so. I am too shy for sex in public. I am not into girls.

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  1. S.M. says:

    Possibly the next fantasy to enact with.These are nice pics by her.Kitty is cute but displays sophisticatedness with an air of mystery to the vibe.It is sexy and a turn on for me.Nice curvy medium build frame I may add too.Love the getup she wore.

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