Big naturals brunette Alexya in dress


She moves in mysterious ways. She has this bemused expression, especially during video chats that usually become giggle-fests. She busts out laughing when the photographer asks her if she was the bustiest girl in school. Some have called Alexya’s F-cup hangers the best they’ve ever seen in SCORE and Voluptuous. Beautifully shaped, Alexya’s boobs are in perfect symmetry with her curvy yet slim frame. Physically, this is her time now at age 26. SCORE magazine editor Dave wrote, “In the world of natural tits, there is general agreement that the greatest slim ‘n’ stacked hangers ever belong to Nicole Peters, Christy Marks and Devon Daniels. It might be time to enter Alexya into the Pantheon of Hangers.” Alexya is interested in skydiving. It’s on her to-do list. “It sounds like it would be very exciting to fly in the air and scary, too. big-naturals-brunette-alexya-in-dress02 big-naturals-brunette-alexya-in-dress03 big-naturals-brunette-alexya-in-dress04 big-naturals-brunette-alexya-in-dress05 big-naturals-brunette-alexya-in-dress06 big-naturals-brunette-alexya-in-dress07 big-naturals-brunette-alexya-in-dress08 big-naturals-brunette-alexya-in-dress09 big-naturals-brunette-alexya-in-dress10 big-naturals-brunette-alexya-in-dress11 big-naturals-brunette-alexya-in-dress12 big-naturals-brunette-alexya-in-dress13 big-naturals-brunette-alexya-in-dress14 big-naturals-brunette-alexya-in-dress15 big-naturals-brunette-alexya-in-dress16 big-naturals-brunette-alexya-in-dress

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