Big plump wedding blowout with Maria Moore and friends


What happens when five of the greatest and hottest babes of XLGirls team up? Back up, Jack, and give these ladies some F’ing room! Samantha, Maria Moore, Sapphire, Rose Valentina and Cassie Blanca point their big flesh cannons towards the SCORE studio and let them loose! Check out these candid shots of the foxy five as they whoop it up during the filming of My Big Plump Wedding in the dressing room and on the set. You always get a different perspective when you see snaps like these. The place explodes when the roosters arrive for a crazy-ass male strip show. All unrehearsed, all spontaneous and our camera was there to capture their tits-n-ass romping! The set of an XLGirls movie is always a hot party but this blow-out went through the roof! big-plump-wedding-blowout-with-maria-moore-and-friends02 big-plump-wedding-blowout-with-maria-moore-and-friends03 big-plump-wedding-blowout-with-maria-moore-and-friends04 big-plump-wedding-blowout-with-maria-moore-and-friends05 big-plump-wedding-blowout-with-maria-moore-and-friends06 big-plump-wedding-blowout-with-maria-moore-and-friends07 big-plump-wedding-blowout-with-maria-moore-and-friends08 big-plump-wedding-blowout-with-maria-moore-and-friends09 big-plump-wedding-blowout-with-maria-moore-and-friends10 big-plump-wedding-blowout-with-maria-moore-and-friends11 big-plump-wedding-blowout-with-maria-moore-and-friends12 big-plump-wedding-blowout-with-maria-moore-and-friends13 big-plump-wedding-blowout-with-maria-moore-and-friends14 big-plump-wedding-blowout-with-maria-moore-and-friends15 big-plump-wedding-blowout-with-maria-moore-and-friends16 big-plump-wedding-blowout-with-maria-moore-and-friends

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