Huge naturals Roxi Red in your face

It’s the domestic side of Roxi Red..the wifey side. Roxi sets the table for dinner but when you get home early, the plan changes. She’s wetting your appetite. Not for a meal but for a taste of her voluptuous bod and colossal cups of sweater meat. “I like guys with positive energy,” Roxi said. “They’re more fun and that makes me feel good. I like a man with a positive attitude. Someone who’s good at cooking, likes to clean and is great at investing for the future. “I’ve been asked before about having sex on the first date. I think it’s great because a girl can see what a man is like before going further into a dating relationship.

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  1. Alex says:

    Hello Roxi!
    I love you and your beautiful natural boobs!
    Sunshine greats Alex

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