Brooklyn Springvalley fun-in-the-sun vacation

Chesty charmer Brooklyn Springvalley jets into sun-drenched Miami for a fun vacation. We’ve been waiting for her arrival. This city was made for Brooklyn to bust her bikini strings at the beach and to shake her enormous 34K breasts in the hot night spots. Wherever Brooklyn walks, some driver will rear-end another car. When Brooklyn arrives at the rental complex, she gets lost looking for the apartment.
To the rescue is neighborhood peeper and all-around perv Nicky who checks out every hot babe walking in. Lurking by the staircase, he emerges to ask Brooklyn if he can be of assistance and also to stare at her titanic titties with his X-ray vision. This is one of the worst cases of brain freeze caused by boob drunkenness ever documented. Watch Full Scene at Scoreland

Watch Full Scene at Scoreland

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