Bust-to-bust SaRenna Lee and Lisa Lipps

Lisa Lipps, SaRenna Lee and their contemporaries were consummate showgirls and born exhibitionists. They were dream girls, always wanting to look their best to the public. Today’s practice of sitting in a bedroom all day in front of a web-camera would have sounded boring to them. The current trend of taking selfies looking like they just fell out of bed would have seemed low-rent to them. They loved performing for live audiences in clubs around the country and posing for pro photographers. Lisa and SaRenna are in the same Bahamas location as the Tawny and Lisa scene. They’re every inch the ultimate showgirls, fantasy women come to life. While SaRenna was the girl who loved on-camera sex with other girls, she had no interest in shooting hardcore with porn studs.

I couldn’t find the video with Sarenna and Lisa together but here is Lisa with Wendy:

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