Crystal Topps exposing her huge areolas

Crystal Topps became a dancer when she tried out at an amateur-night strip contest. “My best friend had entered it and after a few beers, I said, ‘What the heck!’ and entered also. People were actually booing me and yelling at me to get off the stage but when I took off my blouse, the booing stopped and I saw all of these dollar bills being waved. I remember thinking, ‘I’m onto something’ so I took some dance lessons. Life can be strange sometimes.” Later on when Crystal sent her pictures to an agency that specialized in booking the super-busty features in night clubs, she was offered the opportunity to go to London and model. Because of the dancing experience she had picked up since that first night at the amateur contest, she was good at the modeling moves and positions for still photography as well as for video and the photographers helped her as well. She was great at self-sucking her own nipples. “At first I resented that all men cared about were my breasts but I have come to realize that my breasts open more doors than they close and I have met many wonderful people because of my career and the self-confidence that success has brought me.” 

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