Curvaceous Anastasia Lux getting a good workout down


It’s gym time with voluptuous hottie and porn star Anastasia Lux. Anastasia’s training tools: weights, a gym ball and a hula hoop. Some calisthenics and stretching prepare her for her last set of the day with the kind of training tool not used at most fitness centers. “I work out as much as I can,” says Anastasia. “I did play volleyball and basketball in school. Now I go to the gym often..but, obviously, I don’t do what you’re seeing me do in this photo shoot, although I’m sure the guys there would like that! My big boobs get me a lot of attention, of course, especially when I’m in the sauna, a swimming pool and working out.” Writes R.D., “Coming home every day to a busty beauty like Anastasia would be any man’s fantasy. Who cares if she has dinner on the table? More Anastasia pics, please!”¬† curvaceous-anastasia-lux-getting-a-good-workout-down05 curvaceous-anastasia-lux-getting-a-good-workout-down07 curvaceous-anastasia-lux-getting-a-good-workout-down09 curvaceous-anastasia-lux-getting-a-good-workout-down14 curvaceous-anastasia-lux-getting-a-good-workout-down

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