Diane Poppos is the queen of huge mammaries

“Having big boobs opened a lot of doors for me,” said legendary bra-buster Diane Poppos, known as “queen of the big-boobed housewives.” Diane practically invented the big-boobed MILF housewife category, first in newsstand magazines, then in DVDs and on the web. “You know, it does even in everyday life. For job interviews, even. I went for a job at a car dealership and I knew I got the job because the girl that was there applying with me wasn’t quite as attractive as I was. I think it helps a lot if there’s a man there interviewing you. “I worked in the body shop. I had a great time working there with the mechanics. Nothing sexual, because I’m a good girl, but they would take me to lunch every single day. I never paid for my lunches, and we would go out after work for drinks, all the guys and me.” Diane became comfortable with her big tits “after my ex and I got divorced and he put the pictures on the internet. I was comfortable around him with my breasts, but with other men, I was nervous”.

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