Erin Star’s big naturals in a shiny nightgown

Erin and her big sister Helen are big showoffs! Erin is a girl who walks softly, talks softly and carries a big magic wand, like the one she’s playing with in this scene. Showoffs like Erin are who we live for. Erin is breast-blessed. Her left boob is a little bigger than her right, which, generally-speaking is how it is in nature. She has two shy nipples surrounded by very large areolas. Her tits are very pliable. She loves to squeeze and rub them while she looks into the camera with a very knowing expression, as if to say, “Look at what nature gave me.” Always smiling, Erin is a fun-lover who looks at the positive side of life. What would she have done if she hadn’t become a model? We don’t even want to think about that. In a separate bonus video with slow motion, Erin swings them from side-to-side, a video Helen did also.

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