Gianna Michaels fucks black guys in front of her boyfriend


I’ve been with my boyfriend for a while now and I have a feeling he’s about to propose any day now. However, I can’t imagine a future of us together where he’s rather watch sports than take care of his fat tittied wife. I wanted him to see what the future would hold if he couldn’t get his tiny white dick hard enough for momma. Drastic times call for drastic measures and I soon had over the meanest, biggest black thugs I could find. Within seconds they had me naked and my huge titties were swaying back and forth as I was going from cock to cock with my mouth. The echoes of my big ass being slapped were loud enough so the neighbors could hear but fuck them… I needed my fill of black cock. The boyfriend aka cuckold should have been taking notes but instead he was hypnotized by the major fucking I was enduring. I thought my pussy was about to fall off since every inch of black cock entered my baby making cavity. I nearly got lockjaw as I was trying to wrap my lips around black cocks that were as wide as soda cans and more filling as well. The boyfriend thought it was all over once the black cumshots started flying but little did he know that he was about to get an appetizer before he took me out for dinner this night. I didn’t know he had it in him but the loser did a damn fine job of cleaning the love batter off of me. He’ll always be white and he’ll always have a small dick. I’m done with this one.  gianna-michaels-fucks-black-guys-in-front-of-her-boyfriend03 gianna-michaels-fucks-black-guys-in-front-of-her-boyfriend05 gianna-michaels-fucks-black-guys-in-front-of-her-boyfriend07 gianna-michaels-fucks-black-guys-in-front-of-her-boyfriend09 gianna-michaels-fucks-black-guys-in-front-of-her-boyfriend11 gianna-michaels-fucks-black-guys-in-front-of-her-boyfriend13 gianna-michaels-fucks-black-guys-in-front-of-her-boyfriend15 gianna-michaels-fucks-black-guys-in-front-of-her-boyfriend17 gianna-michaels-fucks-black-guys-in-front-of-her-boyfriend19 gianna-michaels-fucks-black-guys-in-front-of-her-boyfriend21 gianna-michaels-fucks-black-guys-in-front-of-her-boyfriend22 gianna-michaels-fucks-black-guys-in-front-of-her-boyfriend23 gianna-michaels-fucks-black-guys-in-front-of-her-boyfriend25 gianna-michaels-fucks-black-guys-in-front-of-her-boyfriend29 gianna-michaels-fucks-black-guys-in-front-of-her-boyfriend28 30

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