Honey Moons and Letha Weapons big bust barn burners

It’s impossible to say who was the hotter of the two. Honey Moons and Letha Weapons were a boiling-out match-up in the hooter heat department. Honey was very much into safe sex in every way. Letha made more porn than Honey and was a personal favorite of Ron Jeremy. “I have more sex in a week than a lot of people have in a year, usually with a couple of different guys in a day,” Letha said. “When I’m doing a porn shoot, I’ll have sex about six times. When I’m not shooting, probably about three to five times a day. How did a guy make Letha Weapons want to fuck him? “Well, the first thing you shouldn’t do is ask for it. A guy should never ask a girl if they can fuck them. Everyone that I usually screw is because they’re not coming on to me.

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