Kitty Cute loves her huge natural boobs

Kitty Cute faces a challenge that many other girls don’t have to deal with. It’s a challenge that her busty girlfriends have, too…finding the right-fitting bras that also look good. Kitty starts off her demonstration just wearing a bikini bottom and a tank top, cutting to the chase from the start.

Kitty pulls off her tank and grabs a tape measure, wrapping it around her breasts, her underbust, her areolae and around the middle of each boob. She reads off the numbers in her sing-song voice and has that teasing glint in her eyes that you should be familiar with.

Kitty’s first selection is a pink number. It looks a little small but she says it’s okay. She jiggles her tits in the bra cups before unhooking it and trying on a grey bra. She thinks this one is better than the first one.
If Kitty ever entered a wet T-shirt contest, everyone else might as well go home.
The bra that really gets Kitty bubbly is a red and pink animal print hooter-harness. Standing up, Kitty says she could… Watch Full Scene at XL Girls

Watch Full Scene at XL Girls

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