Maggie Green and Angela White in string bikini lesbian action


When Angela White and Maggie Green were in St. Maarten, they got to know each other–exploring each other’s lips, nipples, pussies and butt holes for the SCORE movie Leanne’s Stacked Summer and then again for a three-way bedroom encounter. They also carried that interest further with this sexy photo set at poolside. Here we see them show off their gorgeous bodies in tiny bikinis. If they were on a public beach wearing those eye-patches, they would have drawn a crowd. Then comes the dropping of the skimpy tops so they can get their tongues and fingers busy with nipple pleasure. Angela is especially adept with sucking female nipples, better than most guys, in fact. She doesn’t just get the nipple in her mouth, she also sucks in the surrounding areola with a vacuum-like suction. When they have had their fill-up of breast stimulation, and the bottoms are peeled off, Angela and Maggie turn their attention to their pink, shaved pussies, fingering and tonguing their wet honeypots to a Big O. Oil immersion comes next as they coat their tits with the slick stuff and go body to body, their soft flesh heated by their sexual fire. 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 maggie-green-and-angela-white-in-string-bikini-lesbian-action

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