Maserati in blue lingerie gets fucked real good


SCORE Theater’s “Maserati’s Rack Attack” introduced a new super-discovery out to break all speed records with her phenomenal chassis, proudly made right here in the U.S.A. Welcome Maserati, a fine fox to add to our top-shelf, all-star SCORE line-up. She has all the right equipment minus the sticker shock. Extra-large front bumpers and plenty of room in the trunk. Revved for a tune-up, a fluid check and a pistoning at SCORELAND in Hardcore Special: “Maserati’s Rack Attack,” Maserati and a walking dildo go for a test drive to see how her beautifully shaped 34H natural funbags deploy. It’s not a long trip. Just over to the bed where we can enjoy Maserati’s maneuverability and performance, and observe her superb stick-shift handling. She takes corners well and can go from 0 to 100 in five seconds. All in all, Maserati looks like she’s going to have some traction as a busty sex star, and with a face and body like hers, we see no depreciation in value for a long time to cum. Maserati’s own dream car of choice would be a BMW (“Big-Mammed Woman” according to our dictionary.) She’s not a sports fan (“I am a super-girly maserati-in-blue-lingerie-gets-fucked-real-good03 maserati-in-blue-lingerie-gets-fucked-real-good04 maserati-in-blue-lingerie-gets-fucked-real-good05 maserati-in-blue-lingerie-gets-fucked-real-good06 maserati-in-blue-lingerie-gets-fucked-real-good07 maserati-in-blue-lingerie-gets-fucked-real-good08 maserati-in-blue-lingerie-gets-fucked-real-good09 maserati-in-blue-lingerie-gets-fucked-real-good10 maserati-in-blue-lingerie-gets-fucked-real-good11 maserati-in-blue-lingerie-gets-fucked-real-good12 maserati-in-blue-lingerie-gets-fucked-real-good13 maserati-in-blue-lingerie-gets-fucked-real-good14 maserati-in-blue-lingerie-gets-fucked-real-good15 maserati-in-blue-lingerie-gets-fucked-real-good16 maserati-in-blue-lingerie-gets-fucked-real-good

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