Maserati in green shorts and top


Maserati is one in ten million. Maybe more. If there were more girls with Maserati’s kind of unreal, slim and stacked body, we’d somehow find her or someone would find her and steer her to us. That’s how rare she is. The last time Maserati was here, V-mag editor Maria measured her for the SCORELAND Blog in a must-see-at-all-costs video. “The only way to measure a bra is to stick your tits in it,” Maserati instructed. “I was wearing a double-H, but then after a while, it didn’t fit and I was having back pain. So I said, ‘Maybe I should try an I-cup,’ but that didn’t fit, either. So now I’m wearing a J-cup. The measuring tape might say I’m an N-cup, but my breasts swim in a double-J, so I’m very happy with what I’m wearing.” Whatever the number or the letter, Maserati fills her cups to dangerously overflowing levels, like a river threatening to bust a dam.  maserati-in-green-shorts-and-top02 maserati-in-green-shorts-and-top03 maserati-in-green-shorts-and-top04 maserati-in-green-shorts-and-top05 maserati-in-green-shorts-and-top06 maserati-in-green-shorts-and-top07 maserati-in-green-shorts-and-top08 maserati-in-green-shorts-and-top10 maserati-in-green-shorts-and-top11 maserati-in-green-shorts-and-top12 maserati-in-green-shorts-and-top13 maserati-in-green-shorts-and-top14 maserati-in-green-shorts-and-top15 maserati-in-green-shorts-and-top16 maserati-in-green-shorts-and-top17

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