Maya Milano Mama mia!

Happy anniversary to Maya Milano (All Stacked All Natural 4 on DVD). It’s been a year (July 14, 2014) since the brunette doll-face parachuted into SCORELAND and popped her top in your faces. Who doesn’t love a beautiful and huge-breasted girl-next-door? Since then, Maya has been a frequent visitor and has increasingly become more confident. Now she’s opening her legs wide and spreading her cookie, proving that patience has its rewards. It’s a reminder that Nicole Peters and other girls also eased into hotter moves over time. S.M., a frequent letter writer to SCORE and V-mag relays his thoughts. “I want to talk about Maya Milano. What a stunner! She definitely bears a striking resemblance to Natalie Fiore. Maya even looks French, too. Maya took the elegant approach and like I said about her debut, she can only get better from here.” Perhaps, but while it’s perfectly natural to compare one girl to another in a complimentary way, Maya has her own distinctive charms and stand-out appearance. 

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