New photos of Danielle Derek in bikini


Danielle Derek has still got it and she’s brought it back to SCORE. Living in New York City these days, Danielle was a regular for several years, starring in a bunch of DVDs and posing as two-time SCORE magazine covergirl-her first time in full body paint, her tits painted like watermelons. Danielle was also a two-time SCORE “booth babe” (2006 and 2007) at the packed-out Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. After hitting the LA porn scene, Danielle dropped out of sight and only just recently reconnected with SCORE. Said Danielle, “My first scenes at SCORE gave me the career I have and I’m grateful. They shot my first boy-girl, gave me my first magazine cover and showed me the ropes, preparing me for Los Angeles.” Wrote SCORE editor Dave for the February 2017 issue: “One of our favorite girls is back and still doing what she does best. Danielle has shot hundreds of filthy, wild hardcore scenes for a lot of different companies. So we’re grateful that of all the studios Danielle could’ve walked into after seven years away from the game, she walked into ours. After all, this is where it all began for Danielle in 2005 when she was a big-boob-loving big-boobed girl with stars in her eyes.” Next up for Danielle: a busty bang session with JMac.  new-photos-of-danielle-derek-in-bikini02 new-photos-of-danielle-derek-in-bikini03 new-photos-of-danielle-derek-in-bikini04 new-photos-of-danielle-derek-in-bikini05 new-photos-of-danielle-derek-in-bikini06 new-photos-of-danielle-derek-in-bikini07 new-photos-of-danielle-derek-in-bikini08 new-photos-of-danielle-derek-in-bikini09 new-photos-of-danielle-derek-in-bikini10 new-photos-of-danielle-derek-in-bikini11 new-photos-of-danielle-derek-in-bikini12 new-photos-of-danielle-derek-in-bikini13 new-photos-of-danielle-derek-in-bikini14 new-photos-of-danielle-derek-in-bikini15 new-photos-of-danielle-derek-in-bikini16 new-photos-of-danielle-derek-in-bikini

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