Stephanie Stalls Champagne room boom-boom

Stephanie Stalls is a feature stripper who dances regularly at Jill’s in West Virginia. She also does road trips around America, shaking and bouncing her big boobs. She’s one of the few remaining big-boobed dancers on the club circuit, unfortunately, and is always a crowd-pleaser with her horny shows. I spotted her in May 2009 while looking for new models and sent her contact info. to the studio staff. They handled the rest. Stephanie’s mentioned burlesque in her interviews and chats. “I have feather fans and a champagne ball that I get into,” she said. “Burlesque is a lot of kicking your legs out and teasing.” There’s no teasing in this scene. Speaking of champagne, Stephanie has her own champagne room going on here, and the scene turns into a steamy fuck session.

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