Tiffany Towers getting fucked in paradise


You don’t have to be an exhibitionist to appreciate fucking someone like Tiffany Towers. Especially not when it means you get to plunder her tight and wet pussy on the balcony of a hotel in a tropical paradise. And who wouldn’t want to see the sun reflect off of her FFF-cup tits while impaling her? By the time that Tiffany shot this scene for SCORE, she had already done a fair share of porn in California. That’s why she looks so relaxed and ready to get into every position with this stunt cock. A bonus in this pictorial is the shots of Tiffany getting dicked down with her leg over this stud’s shoulder. tiffany-towers-getting-fucked-in-paradise07tiffany-towers-getting-fucked-in-paradise13 tiffany-towers-getting-fucked-in-paradise29 tiffany-towers-getting-fucked-in-paradise34 tiffany-towers-getting-fucked-in-paradise38 tiffany-towers-getting-fucked-in-paradise42 tiffany-towers-getting-fucked-in-paradise71 tiffany-towers-getting-fucked-in-paradise73 tiffany-towers-getting-fucked-in-paradise75 tiffany-towers-getting-fucked-in-paradise80 tiffany-towers-getting-fucked-in-paradise68 tiffany-towers-getting-fucked-in-paradise52 tiffany-towers-getting-fucked-in-paradise61 tiffany-towers-getting-fucked-in-paradise65 tiffany-towers-getting-fucked-in-paradise81

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