Tigerr Benson fucked by her personal trainer

Tigerr Benson takes on a new personal trainer. Her first session ends after a few minutes when Dellon succumbs to the Tigerr syndrome. What is the Tigerr syndrome? It’s a condition that makes a guy want to stick his head between her big tits and do everything he can do to her. It usually strikes within a few minutes after seeing this British-Asian beauty. There is no known cure and no medical teams are working on an antidote. They’re too busy jacking looking at her photos. SCORELAND: Tigerr, what are the top three things your fans ask you to do? Tigerr: They ask me to do lots of things, but I guess I always get asked to do bouncing up and down, boob dangling and cock sucking. I guess they like my deep throat. SCORELAND: I guess! What are the top three things your fans ask you to wear? Tigerr: Stockings and suspenders with girdles, sexy evening dresses and slutty office girl clothes. SCORELAND: Our vote goes to bikinis and tank-tops and shorts. What’s the whackiest fan email you’ve ever gotten? Tigerr: I’ve had a PHD professor at one point sending me huge emails of dreams and desires of what he wanted to do with me. He wanted to get my DNA and make several versions of me into “sexbots;” android sex machines but realistic looking ones. 

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