Tiggle Bitties boobs that cause brain freeze

“I weigh 155 pounds with 20 of it being in my breasts,” says Tiggle Bitties. She’s not boasting either. That’s just the reality. Tiggle’s boobs are also very pliable. She wouldn’t need a bag when shopping at a fruit stand or when she needed a place to stash her phone. “I have weighed them. I had a friend help me. He held them up while I stood on the scale, and we were able to ascertain that the left one is 10 and a half pounds and the right one is nine and a half.” Why the name Tiggle Bitties, a variation of “Big Ole Titties?” “They called me a lot of nasty names at school. Double-D, which doesn’t sound bad, but it’s the way kids are nasty. Tiggle Bitties was another, which is where Tig comes from. 

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