Angela White and firends in Eleuthera


What would a busty holiday be without a collection of pictures? Here’s a large photo album of daily life on Eleuthera in The Bahamas during Big-Boob Paradise week. Candid moments of playing, hanging out together, dancing, running in the rain, spending quality time at the beach and more–a record of what big-boobed girls do together when they’re under one roof with a bunch of snap-happy camera operators.

The other girls in the photos are Lorna Morgan (Angela’s roommate during the shoot), Christy Marks, Terry Nova and Gianna Rossi. For a girl like Angela who loves big tits (and idolizes Lorna), this was truly big-boob paradise. angela-white-in-eleuthera01 angela-white-in-eleuthera02 angela-white-in-eleuthera03 angela-white-in-eleuthera04angela-white-in-eleuthera05 angela-white-in-eleuthera06 angela-white-in-eleuthera07 angela-white-in-eleuthera08 angela-white-in-eleuthera09 angela-white-in-eleuthera11angela-white-in-eleuthera10 angela-white-in-eleuthera12 angela-white-in-eleuthera13 angela-white-in-eleuthera14 angela-white-in-eleuthera15 angela-white-in-eleuthera16 angela-white-in-eleuthera17


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