Autumn-Jade and Sierra in Bosom Buddies


I’ve asked myself: If I could have been the man in the middle of this Sierra/Autumn-Jade sandwich, would I donate a kidney for the honor? The answer is yes. Two of the greatest all-time all-naturals met for the first time at SCORE. Autumn’s prior pictorials with Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Russian Kathy and Chloe Vevrier seemed like dress rehearsals for this fling. Sierra was not known for girl-sex, but she proved she’s got a definite taste for the pink when the pink is right. Both girls had very similar breasts at the time. Autumn’s were larger by close to a cup. The sight of Autumn and Sierra rubbing their thick nips against their clits is a tent pitcher. Autumn fucks Sierra’s asshole with a thick cord of plastic anal beads, pulling on the end with her teeth. Sierra sucks Autumn’s clit while Autumn sticks a finger up her own ass. They share a long dong, one end of the toy in each pussy, and fuck each other to the big O. autumn-jade-and-sierra-in-bosom-buddies02 autumn-jade-and-sierra-in-bosom-buddies03 autumn-jade-and-sierra-in-bosom-buddies04 autumn-jade-and-sierra-in-bosom-buddies05 autumn-jade-and-sierra-in-bosom-buddies06 autumn-jade-and-sierra-in-bosom-buddies07 autumn-jade-and-sierra-in-bosom-buddies08 autumn-jade-and-sierra-in-bosom-buddies09 autumn-jade-and-sierra-in-bosom-buddies10 autumn-jade-and-sierra-in-bosom-buddies11 autumn-jade-and-sierra-in-bosom-buddies12 autumn-jade-and-sierra-in-bosom-buddies13 autumn-jade-and-sierra-in-bosom-buddies14 autumn-jade-and-sierra-in-bosom-buddies15 autumn-jade-and-sierra-in-bosom-buddies16

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