Christy Marks does anal with the help of Holly Halston


In this historic pairing, Christy Marks, a 19-year-old super-naturally stacked babe who had never been ass-fucked in her life, on-camera or off, gets shown the ropes by Holly Halston, a MILF porn star who had been ass-fucked on-camera many times (although, at the time this scene was shot, only by her husband, the guy who’s fucking her ass here). The scene opens with Holly showing Christy how to get ready for an ass-fucking. Holly is a very enthusiastic teacher. First, Holly gives Christy an enema. Then, Holly uses dildos on Christy’s teen asshole. And when the guys finally show up with their cocks, Christy is ready. Favorite moment: Christy saying, “Blow that load all over my sweet ass,” while Commando is drilling her asshole. Asked her reason for doing an anal scene, Christy said, “I’m doing it for the fans too, not just me. I love them and I know that they want to see it, so I am doing it. They don’t want to just hear me talk about it.” Okay, about that “I’m doing it for the fans” thing. christy-marks-does-anal-with-the-help-of-holly-halston02 christy-marks-does-anal-with-the-help-of-holly-halston03 christy-marks-does-anal-with-the-help-of-holly-halston04 christy-marks-does-anal-with-the-help-of-holly-halston05 christy-marks-does-anal-with-the-help-of-holly-halston06 christy-marks-does-anal-with-the-help-of-holly-halston07 christy-marks-does-anal-with-the-help-of-holly-halston08 christy-marks-does-anal-with-the-help-of-holly-halston09 christy-marks-does-anal-with-the-help-of-holly-halston10 christy-marks-does-anal-with-the-help-of-holly-halston11 christy-marks-does-anal-with-the-help-of-holly-halston12 christy-marks-does-anal-with-the-help-of-holly-halston13 christy-marks-does-anal-with-the-help-of-holly-halston14 christy-marks-does-anal-with-the-help-of-holly-halston15 christy-marks-does-anal-with-the-help-of-holly-halston16 christy-marks-does-anal-with-the-help-of-holly-halston00


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