Diana Eisley seduces the pool guy

Bikini girl Diana Eisley is basking her gorgeous body in the sun in her backyard. It’s a hot day and going to get hotter. What kind of guy could resist this gorgeous little babe? She’s 100% girlfriend material. Handyman Sean saunters over looking for something to do around the house. She’ll give him something to do, something guys dream of doing. He’ll be showing Diana just how hands-on he can get.

Today is his lucky day because he has been chosen to receive the honor of getting to know Diana extremely well, an honor we believe many guys would lie, cheat and steal to get. She asks him to put oil on her luscious body, the first of the many benefits he’ll receive. He squirts and helps Diana rub the oil on her big, young, natural, pale-white tits. It takes a lot of oil to anoint those soft, juicy jugs. Diana cups her twin wonders for more oil, so Sean stands up to douse her. Watch Full Scene at Scoreland

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