Dolly Fox busting out an American bikini from Spain

Now living in Spain, Dolly told us the news that her trip across America was ready to go and her first stop would be Miami. Could she drop by and tour the SCORE offices? We laid out the red carpet in anticipation. But first our camera crew wanted to photograph Dolly because this was a rare opportunity. All of her shoots have been at our satellite studios in Prague and this was the chance to photograph Dolly under the Miami sky. She wore her most-patriotic red, white and blue bikini. We saluted her and raised the flag pole. After her shoots were done for the day, our team arrived at the SCORE building with the guest of honor. When Dolly stepped into the office, we were bowled over by her bubbly and high-energy personality. She really loves everything she does in the world of big-bust modeling. Dolly checked out the “Bat Cave” where the editors and art directors work, the customer service department, the studio and other departments. 

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