Maserati in heals gets fucked by a white guy


Maserati said in her first video that she’s attracted to guys who don’t pay attention to her right away, who kinda ignore her. Guys who look like a challenge to her. Or who pretend to be a challenge, is more like it, unless they actually don’t like girls. The old “Johnny Cool” routine. No such situation here in our second Maserati scene “Maserati Goes For A Juggy Joy Ride” at SCORELAND. Her fuck partner is eager and ready to see what’s under Maserati’s hood and take her for a ride. But first, she changes into a sexy little number she’s picked up at the hot lingerie store, a sheer black monokini. Maserati was firing on all cylinders just fine in a tight, low-cut blouse and tight pants. Her lingerie doesn’t stay on intact for more than a few seconds. She gets her tits played with, spreads her legs for fingering and a pussy licking, then is mounted for a combination tit-fucking and cock-sucking. maserati-in-heals-gets-fucked-by-a-white-guy02 maserati-in-heals-gets-fucked-by-a-white-guy03 maserati-in-heals-gets-fucked-by-a-white-guy04 maserati-in-heals-gets-fucked-by-a-white-guy05 maserati-in-heals-gets-fucked-by-a-white-guy06 maserati-in-heals-gets-fucked-by-a-white-guy07 maserati-in-heals-gets-fucked-by-a-white-guy08 maserati-in-heals-gets-fucked-by-a-white-guy09 maserati-in-heals-gets-fucked-by-a-white-guy10 maserati-in-heals-gets-fucked-by-a-white-guy11 maserati-in-heals-gets-fucked-by-a-white-guy12 maserati-in-heals-gets-fucked-by-a-white-guy13 maserati-in-heals-gets-fucked-by-a-white-guy14 maserati-in-heals-gets-fucked-by-a-white-guy15 maserati-in-heals-gets-fucked-by-a-white-guy16 maserati-in-heals-gets-fucked-by-a-white-guy

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