Sha Rizel brings her perfect bikini body to the beach

Sha Rizel is the kind of girl that other girls gravitate to. She has a leadership style that inspires confidence with her beautiful figure in bikini. Codi Vore was in awe of Sha, the first model Codi met when she arrived. In a way, Sha became the den mother of the group, keeping an eye on the other girls, as concerned for their well-being and comfort as the crew was. The SCORE studio manager talked about Sha’s interest in the day-to-day happenings and the people she spent a week with. “Sha was the mommy of the group, always looking after the other girls. One morning, Alexya seemed to have gone missing, so Sha came to my room and said, ‘Alexya didn’t come home last night!’ Alexya is very free-spirited, but she had, indeed, come home that night. She was sleeping in Daria‘s room, but Sha was so concerned.”

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Slim ‘n’ stacked superstar Sha Rizel has her smartphone and her selfie stick. She’s ready to take us for a short stroll around the resort where SCORE has set up shop. Sha stops midway to say hi to Alexya who’s posing for a photo set. “Smile, Alexya!” Sha advises. Sha was one of the first to arrive on the island and quickly became a meeter/greeter, a cheerleader and an ambassador. Sha loves people so this type of group modeling event in this lavish, exotic setting was sheer pleasure for her.

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