The Famous White Dress of LA Bust

The first SCORE covergirl (June, 1992), L.A. Bust, wears the kind of dress made famous by Marilyn Monroe in the movie 7 Year Itch. SaRenna also posed in a similar dress for her SCORE magazine debut in December, 1993. L.A. was the first model/dancer to write a column in SCORE. L.A.’s column was called Night Moves. Future columnists Alyssa Alps and then Crystal Gunns followed the basic theme of writing about the clubs they danced in, interactions with the house dancers, their lives on the road and other related activities. The late 1980s and the 1990s were the glory years for the modern strip club and the feature dancers (as well as club goers). L.A.’s dancing career began in Houston, Texas. She was a waitress in a club called GiGi’s Cabaret and tried dancing there.

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