Tigerr Benson on the prowl

Tigerr Benson loves tight garments whether it’s a tight fetish costume or a tight “Sally Secretary” outfit as she’s wearing in this scene. She’s the total package. Her face and her stacked body and that sexy voice make Tigerr the complete man-pleaser. SCORELAND: Tigerr, have you ever gone bra shopping with a guy? Did you let him in the dressing room while you changed? Tigerr: Absolutely. I always go bra shopping with a guy. They are much more productive and honest when they see sexy outfits and especially boobs. I do let him in the changing room if it is big enough so he can see if it fits well and help me clip it on properly, too. SCORELAND: To be those guys..wow. Is there a difference between British guys and Japanese guys when they see you or socialize with you? Tigerr: They have one thing in common. They drink a lot! But British guys have a very different humor compared to the Japanese. 

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