Bikini bath babe Joana Bliss

Bikini babe Joana is not shy. She doesn’t want to see if her bikini will shrink in the bath tub while she’s wearing it. She just wants to field test her new suit and a swimming pool is not available. Hey, Joana, you look awesome in that bikini. In fact, in any bikini you wear. Joana’s a big believer in the erotic energy the human body can generate, chakras, energy meridians, Tantra and other forms of physical and paranormal energy linked to the spiritual, sexual and mental zones. Maybe large breasts are a sign of a girl with extra erotic energy. Just by looking at her bod and big natural boobs, as we all have for years, we’d say that Joana has plenty of erotic energy to spare. “The bigger the breasts, the more love you have to give.” That’s Joana’s belief. We think she’s right! 


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