Danielle Derek gets fucked for her cum back


Danielle Derek is The greatest fuck doll in the world. Slim with big, high-riding tits, a cocksucker mouth, a tight, little ass and those “bang-me” eyes, Danielle has changed very little during the past seven years away from the cameras. The only changes are the tats that she didn’t have when she was modeling at SCORE and meeting the fans at the SCORE booth at the 2006 and 2007 Adult Entertainment Expos. When we learned Danielle was back, we sent her an invitation to rumble again in our jungle and before long, she was riding the big silver bird to the SCORE studio. When Danielle’s bikini comeback first appeared at SCORELAND, a pleased member named J commented, “This is fantastic news! I miss the days of huge fake tits being a more popular thing. Thank God for SCORE! I want an avalanche of new and hot Danielle content! There is no HD content of her anywhere and we need it! I would kill for some full HD of Donita Dunes! We are so lucky for this opportunity! Welcome back!” Danielle takes on JMac in her comeback hardcore scene blowing the man down and doing all her signature moves–sucking, grinding, riding and the dirty talking that made her such a popular porn star. She got her sexy on right away just like she used to. Once again, you can take the girl out of the heat but you can’t take the heat out of the girl.  danielle-derek-gets-fucked-for-her-cum-back02 danielle-derek-gets-fucked-for-her-cum-back03 danielle-derek-gets-fucked-for-her-cum-back04 danielle-derek-gets-fucked-for-her-cum-back05 danielle-derek-gets-fucked-for-her-cum-back06 danielle-derek-gets-fucked-for-her-cum-back07 danielle-derek-gets-fucked-for-her-cum-back08 danielle-derek-gets-fucked-for-her-cum-back09 danielle-derek-gets-fucked-for-her-cum-back10 danielle-derek-gets-fucked-for-her-cum-back11 danielle-derek-gets-fucked-for-her-cum-back12 danielle-derek-gets-fucked-for-her-cum-back13 danielle-derek-gets-fucked-for-her-cum-back14 danielle-derek-gets-fucked-for-her-cum-back15 danielle-derek-gets-fucked-for-her-cum-back16 danielle-derek-gets-fucked-for-her-cum-back

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